A Full Guide to Beer Can and Bottle Sizes

People from all walks of life love beer, making it one of the most popular drinks in the world. We'll talk about all the different kinds of beer cans and bottles on the market today in this detailed guide. We'll talk about all the different kinds of 12-ounce cans, from the more common bombers and forties, so you can make smart choices about your beer. Take a seat, grab your best beer, and let's learn about the different sizes of beer cans and bottles.


Beer Can Sizes




8.4 oz Can: You can drink this small can of beer for a quick refreshment or when you want a smaller amount of your favorite beer without buying a full-sized can.


12-Ounce Can: The most popular and well-known size of beer can is probably the 12-ounce one. In most grocery stores, convenience shops, and bars, you can find this size. This size is popular because it's easy to carry and great for enjoying a single serving of beer.


16-Ounce Can (Tallboy): There is more beer in a 16-ounce can, which is also called a "tallboy," than in a normal 12-ounce can. Beer lovers who want a little more volume without committing to a full pint often choose this size. Tallboys are often the best choice for parties, events, and relaxed get-togethers that take place outside.


19.2 oz Can: For people who like a bit more beer than the usual 12 oz or 16 oz cans, this bigger can, which holds 568 milliliters, is a great choice. It's perfect for drinking a big cup of your favorite beer all at once.


24-Ounce Can (Oil Can):The 24-ounce can is even bigger than the tallboy. Because of its size and shape, it is sometimes called an oil can. This size of beer is usually found in specialty or craft beers, and it's good for people who want to drink more than one pint.


32-Ounce Can (Crowler): Crowlers, which hold 32 ounces of beer, are a relatively new type of beer can. Breweries and taprooms often use it so that customers can take draft beer home with them in an easy-to-carry, covered container. With a crowler, you can enjoy fresh beer from your favorite brewery in the comfort of your own home.


64-Ounce Can (Growler): The 64-ounce can, also known as a "growler," is not as popular as the smaller cans, but beer fans who want to carry more draft beer like it. Growlers can be refilled and are usually made of glass or stainless steel. This makes them an eco-friendly way to enjoy fresh beer from your local brewery.


5.16 Gallon (1/6 Barrel) Keg Can: The 5.16-gallon keg can isn't really a can in the traditional sense, but it's a handy way to serve beer at events or parties. It's the same as about 53 regular 12-ounce cans and is often used with draft systems or kegerators.


Beer Bottle Sizes



Standard Sizes


12 oz (355 mL): The standard beer bottle size in the United States, offering a single serving of your favorite brew. It's the most common size found in supermarkets, convenience stores, and bars.


22 oz (650 mL): Commonly known as a "bomber", this larger-sized bottle is ideal for sharing or enjoying a generous serving of craft beer on your own.




16.9 oz (500 mL): Also referred to as a "bomber", this size falls between the standard 12 oz and 22 oz bottles, offering a bit more beer without committing to the larger format.




40 oz (1,183 mL): Often associated with malt liquor, the 40 oz bottle provides a substantial serving of beer, popular for parties or casual gatherings.


Other Specialty Sizes


11.2 oz (330 mL): Common in European beers, this smaller-sized bottle is perfect for a single serving or tasting flight.


25.4 oz (750 mL): Equivalent to a standard wine bottle, this size is commonly used for sharing specialty or high-quality craft beers.


Additional Sizes


7 oz: A petite-sized bottle, ideal for sampling or enjoying a small serving of beer without committing to a full-sized bottle.


12.7 oz: Slightly larger than the standard 12 oz bottle, offering a bit more beer for those who prefer a generous serving.


32 oz: Known as a "growler", this size is commonly used for takeout or refilling at breweries, allowing you to enjoy fresh draft beer at home.


50.7 oz: A larger-sized bottle, perfect for sharing among a small group of friends or enjoying over an extended period.


64 oz: Another popular size for growlers, offering even more beer for those who want to stock up or enjoy multiple servings over time.


Popular Beer Styles and Their Preferred Packaging




IPA is often sold in both bottles and cans. People like cans because they keep the hops fresh longer and keep the beer from getting too much light, which can ruin the taste. Cans are also useful for outdoor activities because they are easy to carry and last a long time.




You can usually find stout in bottles, especially bigger ones like 22-ounce bombers or 750-milliliter bottles. The bigger size makes it easier to share or enjoy for longer periods of time, and the dark glass keeps the beer's rich tastes from fading in light.




Most of the time, Pilsners come in cans or standard longneck bottles. There is great defense against light and oxidation in cans, so the beer stays fresh and crisp. Cans' sleek form also appeals to people who want a modern way to package their goods.


Sour Ale


Bottles, especially ones with cork and cage seals, are often used to store sour ales. The airtight seal that cork and cage closures provide helps to keep the carbonation and stop oxygen from getting in, which keeps the tart and complex tastes of the beer. For your ease, some sour ales may also come in cans.


Wheat Beer (Hefeweizen, Witbier)


A lot of the time, wheat beers come in bottles, preferably ones with swing-top or traditional crown caps. Because swing-top bottles can be closed and opened again, people can drink the beer more than once and still keep the carbonation and freshness. In addition, the beer looks good because of the iconic form of swing-top bottles.


American Lager


American lagers are often sold in cans because the metal is better at keeping light and oxygen out. Cans are also easier to carry and stack than bottles, which makes them perfect for making and distributing a lot of drinks. Another reason why canned American lagers are so popular is that they can be chilled quickly and are easy to recycle.


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