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Why Choose Ca'Lefort Wine and Beverage Fridges?

Ca'Lefort premium wine and beverage fridges are expertly crafted to meet your unique preferences and enhance your overall experience. Our wine and beverage coolers are a wonderful addition to any kitchen, bar, workplace, or entertainment room, whether you are a wine enthusiast wishing to preserve your collection or a person in search of a practical solution for cooling your favorite drinks.

Key Features

  • Dual cooling zone allows you to separately store beverages and wines. Keep your drinks, red wines and white wines at their optimal temperatures for the pefect serve.
  • The advanced cooling system maintains a stable temperature range, ensuring your drinks are consistently ready for enjoyment.
  • Removable and durable shelves accommodate different bottle sizes and hold your drinks gently.
  • The sleek and contemporary appearance effortlessly complements any home decor.

FAQs About Wine and Beverage Refrigerators

What temperature range should a wine and beverage fridge maintain?

Sodas and Soft Drinks: 40°F; Beer: 36°F-50°F; Milk: 36°F-40°F; Fruit Juice: 39°F-59°F;
White Wine: 40°F-54°F; Red Wine: 54°F-65°F; Champagne and Sparkling Wine: 41°F-47°F;

How does a wine and beverage fridge differ from a regular refrigerator?

To begin, wines, beers, sodas, and other beverages all have different storage requirements, and wine and beer fridges are made to meet those needs. They include separate sections and movable shelves to store bottles of varying heights and widths. Additionally, wine refrigerators typically provide specialist features like UV protection, vibration reduction, and humidity control, all of which are essential for keeping wines in peak condition and flavor. Regular refrigerators, on the other hand, are designed to store a wider variety of foods and may not offer the same level of temperature constancy or flexibility when it comes to storing beverages.