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Ca'Lefort develops innovative methods for enjoying, preserving, serving, and sharing wine and beverages.

Chill Your Wine to Perfection

Wine Coolers

A stable temperature, UV protected glass doors, solid bases to reduce vibration. The optimal storage of wine leaves no room for chance.

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The Ultimate Beverage Buddy

Beverage Coolers

Ca'Lefort beverage fridges provide precision cooling and spacious space. You can enjoy every beverage at the optimal serving temperature.

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24'' Wine & Beverage Fridge with French Door

1. Spacious Space for Chilling All Your Drinks
2. Dual Cooling Zones for Perfect Serving Temperatures
3. Powerful Compressor for Rapid Cooling and Quiet Operation
4. Front Venting Design for Built-in or Freestanding Model
5. Stainless Steel Frame and 3-LED Light for Modern Beauty

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Why Customers Love Ca'Lefort

Such an attractive looking fridge

I absolutely love this beverage refrigerator. As a matter of fact, we love it so much we purchased two of them, one for each of our homes. I love that I can keep beer ice cold on the left side and then set a different temperature for my red wine on the right side. The fridge is so sleek and attractive looking in our kitchen also and it runs super quiet.

Dawn Rabineau

Absolutely perfect wine cooler

Five stars! This wine fridge is gorgeous and regulates temperature perfectly. We especially love the LED light - it really elevates the look and adds a very cool pop of color!

Julia M.

Looks great, and excellent customer support

We picked this wine fridge because it fit our space and we liked the look of it, especially the white lighting option (I'm not a big fan of the blue that most fridges feature, though that is also an option with this fridge). Having two zones is an added perk. It's working as expected so far and looks great. I feel good about choosing this fridge and would recommend to a friend.


Quiet, beautiful, and great service!

We purchased this wine cooler for out media room bar. Having a unit that looked attractive, operated with little to no compressor noise, and offered the option for minimal interior lighting during movies was very important to us. This wine cooler and matching beverage refrigerator provided all three requirements.


Sophisticated fridge with lots of storage

I decided on the Ca'Lefort Wine and Beverage Refrigerator because of its clean and sophisticated design along with a dual temperature zone for beverages and wine.

Overall, I definitely recommend this wine fridge for wine lovers or anyone who needs more space to store drinks.


customer review on 24'' Wine and Beverage Fridge customer review on Ca'Lefort 24'' Wine and Beverage Fridge
customer review on Ca'Lefort 24'' Dual Zone Wine Fridge customer review on Ca'Lefort 24'' Dual Zone Wine Cooler
customer review on Ca'Lefort 15'' Dual Zone Wine Fridge customer review on Ca'Lefort 15'' Dual Zone Wine Cooler
customer review on Ca'Lefort 15'' Wine and Beverage Fridge Combo customer review on Ca'Lefort 15'' Wine and Beverage Fridge Bundle
customer review on Ca'Lefort Wine and Beverage Cooler customer review on Ca'Lefort 24'' Wine and Beverage Cooler

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Buying Guide

Wine Fridge Temp for White Wine
Because white wine has a refreshing acidity and delicate flavors, it needs to be kept at the perfect temperature to keep its taste and smell. The best temperature to store white wine is usually between 45°F and 55°F (7°C and 13°C), but this can change a little based on the type of white wine.
Is A Mini Wine Fridge Worth It?
The mini wine fridge, which is also called a small wine refrigerator or wine cooler, is a small device that keeps wine bottles cool and safe.

Ca'Lefort, Specialist in Wine & Beverage Coolers

Ca'Lefort® is committed to creating a high-end wine and beverage cooler brand. We love what we do and we do what we love. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, Ca'Lefort® wine and beverage fridges chill your wine and drink at the correct serving temperature and provide more storage solutions.

We take pride in elevating our quality, techniques, and customer experiences. At Ca'Lefort®, you don't need to worry about the quality, service and after-sales. Your satisfaction will always be at the forefront of our agenda.

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