What is the best temperature for a wine and beverage fridge?

Wine and beverage fridges have different sections for wine and other drinks, and the temperatures can be changed. Keeping the right temperature is important for keeping the taste, smell, and quality of wines and other drinks. To make sure that every drink you serve is at its best, you need to know the best temperature settings for your wine and beverage fridge. This is true whether you like a crisp white wine, a bold red, or a variety of craft beers and sodas.


Best Temperature for Wine Storage Compartment


In a wine and beverage fridge, the wine storage compartment should be set to specific temperatures to ensure optimal storage conditions for different types of wine.


Mixed Wine Storage


Set Temperature: 55°F (13°C)


Explanation: The ideal temperature for storing wine depends on the type. Set it between 45°F to 65°F (7°C to 18°C) to accommodate different wine varieties. Red wines generally prefer slightly warmer temperatures, while whites and rosés do better at cooler temperatures. If storing a variety of wines, aim for around 55°F (13°C).


Red Wine


Set Temperature: 55°F to 65°F (12°C to 18°C)


Explanation: For red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Pinot Noir to age well, they should be kept at slightly cooler temperatures. The wine's flavor compounds, tannins, and aromatics are kept safe in this temperature range, so it ages slowly and develops depth without losing its personality.


White Wine


Set Temperature: 45°F to 55°F (7°C to 12°C)


Explanation: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling are all white wines that stay fresh and acidic better when stored at cooler temperatures. Keeping white wine in a slightly cool place helps slow down oxidation and keeps the delicate flavors and smells.


Sparkling Wine


Set Temperature: 40°F to 50°F (4°C to 10°C)


Explanation: To keep their fizz and color, sparkling wines like Champagne and Prosecco should be kept at the coolest temperatures possible. Cooler temperatures help the wine's bubbles stay intact and keep it from going bad too quickly, so when it's served, it stays crisp and refreshing.


Rosé Wine


Set Temperature: 45°F to 55°F (7°C to 12°C)


Explanation: Rosé wines should be stored in a way that is similar to how white wines are stored. A little cooler temperatures will help keep their delicate fruit flavors and floral smells. Keep rosé at these temperatures to keep it fresh and make sure it stays fun to drink.


Best Temperature for Beverage Storage Compartment


In addition to wine, a wine and beverage fridge often includes a separate compartment for storing other beverages like beer, soda, and water. Here's how to set the temperature for the beverage storage compartment to ensure optimal storage conditions for different types of beverage.




Set Temperature: 38°F to 45°F (3°C to 7°C)


Explanation: To keep their freshness and flavors, beers, especially craft beers and lagers, should be kept at slightly cooler temperatures. This range of temperatures slows down the age process and keeps the beer from getting too carbonated or stinky.


Soda and Water


Set Temperature: 35°F to 40°F (2°C to 4°C)


Explanation: Most of the time, water and soft drinks are kept at cooler temperatures to keep them cool and refreshing. This range of temperatures keeps fizzy drinks from losing their fizz and keeps water cold and ready to drink.


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