Difference Between Alcoholic Beverages

You must have heard of Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequila, and Brandy. They're all Alcoholic Beverages. But what sets them apart and which one packs the most punch or alcohol content? We will discuss them in this article.


How Alcohol is Created


Fermentation (wine and beer)


Fermentation is the process by which alcohol is made. Yeast turns sugars into alcohol and CO2, which then evaporates. This drink that we have now is called a fermented alcoholic beverage. Sugar like this can be found in grains, veggies, or other plant-based foods used for fermentation. Wine and beer are both examples of fermented alcoholic drinks.


In general, grapes are used to make wine and barley is used as a base product for beer that is brewed. Most fermented drinks, like wine, have between 12 and 15% alcohol by volume. Beer has even less, around 4 to 6%. One more thing: reading the label is the best way to find out how much booze is in a drink. On the bottle, it will say "ABV" (Alcohol by Volume).


Distillation (stronger alcohol)


However, what if you'd like something a little stronger with more alcohol? Now we take it a step further: we go for distillation! The fermented drink is heated to about 75 to 80 degrees Celsius, which is below the point at which water boils. Here, the alcohol starts to evaporate, but the water solution stays behind since water starts to evaporate at 100 degrees Celsius. Then cool this booze that has evaporated, which will turn it back into a liquid. We have our spirit, which is a distilled drink with a lot more booze. Because it goes through this distillation process, it is also known as Distilled Alcoholic Beverages or Distilled Spirit.


Now based on the base product used for fermentation and distillation we have different categories or types of Spirits. 




For example, If we use sugarcane juice or molasses as based for fermentation and distillation then we get distilled spirit called RUM.




Next we have BRANDY, this is produced by distilling wine or fruit. If it's made from grapes, it's typically called brandy, but if it's made from other fruits, it's often named after the fruit (for example, "apple brandy").  




WHISKEY, it is made from fermented grain mash, which can include barley, corn, rye, and wheat.  SOTCH, is also a kind of whiskey.




VODKA, traditionally made by distilling the liquid from fermented grains or potatoes. However, nowadays it can also be made from other starch-rich plants like corn, rice, and even some fruits or sugar.




Next we have GIN, not this ginnie. It is usually, usually made from grain mostly Wheat or Barley.  

Similar to other spirits ferementaiton and distillation process it followed, but it goes for re-distillation again, to get more pure form. Even it can goes for multiple distillation. Its distinctive flavor come from its botanicals added during the final distillation process. The most common and important botanical is Juniper Berry. 




TQUILA, a spirit made from the blue agave plant, primarily in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, Mexico. Tequila is often consumed straight or used in cocktails. There is another type, if we combine these Sprits with flavour like fruits, herbs, spices and sugar. these flavoured and sweetened spirits are called Liqueurs.


Most of the distilled spirits ranges from 40-60 percent ABV. But we go for re-distillation we can also increase the alcohol content. The strongest liquor in the world is Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany with 96%ABV and Everclear with 95% ABV.


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