1. Products


  • Can I place Ca'Lefort wine and beverage cooler in my room or living room?

      -   Yes, you can. Our fridges run quiet and will not influence your daily life.

  • Do the lights automatically turn on and off when the door is opened and closed?

      -  Our lights don't automatically turn on and off as the door opens and closes. You need to press the light button to do so.

  • What temperatures should I set my Ca'Lefort dual-zone wine cooler at?

      -  We suggest you set the temperature between 50 °F and 65 °F for red wine and set the other zone between 45 °F and 50 °F for white wine. 

  • How to set different temperatures for the upper and lower zone?

       -  Our dual-zone refrigerators require the set temperature in the upper zone to be lower than the set temperature in the lower zone.

       The fan is in the upper zone, when the fan is working, the cold air blows from the upper zone to the lower zone, so the temperature in the upper zone will always be lower than the temperature in the lower zone.

  • Is Ca'Lefort wine cooler front vented or back vented?

      -  It's front vented. You can put Ca'Lefort wine cooler under the counter.

  • Are the shelves removable?

      -  Yes, the shelves are removable and adjustable. The fridges can hold most bottle types.

  • Do your fridges have glass doors?

       -  Yes, all of our fridges have double-layer tempered glass doors, which provide excellent insulation and UV protection.

  • What is the amperage draw for each fridge?

       -  The amperage draw for each fridge is 0.9A.

  • Can Ca'Lefort wine fridge and beverage refrigerator be placed on carpet?

      -  Sure, we offer high-quality products so you don't need to worry about leaking. 

2. Shipping


  • Do I need to pay the shipping fee?

      -  No, we offer a free shipping.

  • When can I get my package?

      -  Usually it will take 3-8 business days to deliver.

  • How can I track my order?

      -  Once your product ships, we'll send you a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number. You can use this number to track your order on the carrier's website.

3. Shopping


  • How can I get service directly through Ca'Lefort?

      -  For any questions, you can contact us at service@mycalefort.com. 

  • How can I pay?

      -  You can pay by Paypal or credit cards(visa,master,american_express,discover,jcb,diners_club).

  • Do you offer a warranty?

       -   Yes, we offer a 1-year unit warranty, 2-years part warranty and 3-years compressor warranty.